Seek and You Shall Find

June 2, 2016



If you’re reading this, you happen to be witnessing the birth of yet another startup in Silicon Valley. Like every other startup, we are solving problems with “innovation”, “grit”, “scrappiness”, and a slew of other inspirational words. And of course, we are trying to “change the world”. But let’s be honest - at this point, what does any of this mean these days? Can you really change the world by finding “innovative” ways to put advertisements in front of people? Do “grit” and “scrappiness” include building an inferior product in the hopes that a larger company can buy you so you can live in a secret lair? We are not disparaging any company that does that, but here, we’re chasing something greater. We are trying to completely shift the paradigm of global health. But first, we would like to introduce ourselves - we are Seek.


Seek was born out of a frustration with the fact that healthcare systems, care providers, and the people they served couldn’t connect in a way that benefited everyone. And it isn’t due to a lack of effort - healthcare innovations are created every day. The hard part is connecting these innovations with the people who can deliver and/or benefit from them. Seek is a platform that is built to democratize health. And this is not a utopia fantasy either. Seek’s 6 verticals are designed to save money for patients, open up more revenue opportunities for care providers and health institutions, further pharmaceutical research, educate the next generation of care providers, and elevate the overall health of humanity.


On a more personal level, Seek was also started to shift the paradigm of workplace culture. Our team was hand selected not just because of their exceptional skill at what they do. Our passion for greatness, creative inclinations, and hunger to chase the infinite expanse of possibility keeps us on our toes. Our clearly defined vision of how we should be good to each other, both at work and to the people we serve keeps us united as a team. We love what we do and we love each other.


I figured we would introduce ourselves since it is the polite thing to do, but we have some really cool things coming down the pipeline. Join us on our journey and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Peace and love,


Jordan Smallwood
Seek Software Inc.

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