Why Women Should Exercise

January 29, 2017


I’m a huge fan of WOMEN , I believe we are the real life superheroes on Earth!

We do so much , we are nurturers , lovers , mothers and FLOWERS. Most times, we are selfless … we would rather make sure everyone else is fine first before we take care of ourSELVES! Let’s change that , let’s look after ourselves FIRST ! Let’s Love ourselves FIRST …as this will aid us in our “Job”, whatever that job may be!

​​ Here are 6 reasons why we should exercise. Shall we...?



  1. Exercise controls weight: involvement in physical activity will burn calories which can help maintain and/or assist in weight loss. Trying to shed those last few pounds post baby? Getting involved in regular fun exercise like #Julukment “Dance to Fitness Classes” can be just the thing you are after! Find out how to melt away the calories your own way by learning to lead an active lifestyle!

  2. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases – is heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or cancer a problem in your family? Engaging in regular exercise can be the best prescription on the market! Kick start your metabolism by pounding the footpath to get the heart pumping and if you need a bit of a push, your friendly trainer is here to guide and assist you through the stages of learning to love exercise. (Remember, you can workout with or without a trainer! Its ALL possible) 

  3. Exercise improves your mood and outlook on life: physical activity stimulates a range of brain chemicals which when released will make you feel happier, more relaxed and at ease with life. Learn to carry yourself taller and prouder with regular exercise which will boost confidence and self-esteem in no time.

  4. Exercise will boost your energy: dread completing those draining tasks on the weekend? With exercise, you will find you have more energy to burn and a healthier more positive outlook on life ahead. As you become fitter, the body becomes more efficient at carrying oxygen and desired nutrients to the body meaning the little tasks at hand become a breeze...literally.

  5. Exercise improves your sleep patterns: struggling to sleep or stay asleep? Exercise is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep patterns. Just remember to try to avoid exercise too close to bedtime as exercise can leave you feeling rather stimulated and awake! Just ask ME !! 

  6. Exercise becomes fun! Learn to love exercise and find new exciting ways in how to unwind and enjoy the outdoors… you’ll be surprised how addictive exercise can be. Taking the time to incorporate not only exercise but massages, acupuncture, and nutrition into your schedule can improve your overall QUALITY OF LIFE!











Khabonina hails from South Africa and represents Khabodacious Moves, runs a #DanceToFitness school, and is the first South African to release a Fitness DVD titled: "Julukment" (meaning - to Sweat). Julukment shows you how you can get fit at home using your home furniture as gym equipment! To learn more about her, you can visit her website or check her out on Twitter!

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