Simple Tips for Staying in Shape this Holiday

December 2, 2016

It's Christmas time! It's also holiday party time, which means, free-flowing wine, Christmas cookies, etc. This means you will be taking in more calories. If you don't pay attention to what you are putting in your mouth now, you could be spending more time in the gym after the holidays are over. Yes, you can still enjoy the season if you make some simple lifestyle choices during this festive time.


You can have alcohol but don't "forget" those calories count and can add up quickly!


Most mixed alcoholic drinks are VERY high in calories and if you don't include them in your daily calorie allowance you are just asking for your jeans to feel tight. Even a sip or two every party can add up. Do your homework and find a list of alcohol calorie content in advance of your party. Just a glass of wine, 220 calories, has the same calorie content as a sugared doughnut. So, think before you drink!


Don’t Skip Meals

You are not doing yourself any favors by "banking" calories by missing meals. When you do this you can cause your blood-sugar levels to drop and that entire bag of Holiday Oreos will be gone in no time. Want more bad news? You'll probably crave the most "calorific" foods available. You should just stick with your normal eating schedule. Remember eating a healthy breakfast always does a body good!


Get Your Beauty Sleep



Weight gain and sleep are directly related. Losing just an hour or two of sleep due to a few late nights during the Holidays can increase your chances of gaining weight. A bad night’s sleep can increase stress hormones, which makes blood sugar fluctuate wildly. The constant crashing of your blood-sugar levels can make you want to gorge on comfort food – and there’s plenty of that around at Christmas!


Stay Hydrated With WATER Not WINE

When you drink alcohol, you dehydrate yourself. When you drink water, you are washing away the toxins in your body, and drinking water actually prevents the retention of fluids. Get into the habit of always having water with your meals.

Most people think that their health and fitness plan will be easy to maintain during the holidays but unfortunately a lot of people end up giving it up early on. All you really need is a degree of willpower, and there’s no reason why you can’t indulge without the bulge this Christmas.

Jessica Bailey is a fitness instructor as well as an ambassador for Sparkly Soul, Fitfluential, Fit Approach, and Reebok! She somehow manages to fit in time to write for her own blog. Visit her website or you can follow her on Twitter!

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