Staying Organized: How to Efficiently Run Your Health & Fitness Business

May 3, 2017


Organization is one of the key components of any successful business. When discussing the fitness industry, you'd be surprised at the sheer number of professionals who don't make it a priority.


Considering the number of people that pass through each facility on a day to day basis, strict regulations that govern how their data is stored and processed, the liability that fitness professionals take on when working hands on with clientele (training and nutrition advisement) as well as all of the other nuances that comes with running a health and fitness based business, you would be right in your assumption that proper organization should be prioritized from day one.


On the flip side, being organized is not solely important from a business perspective. It is important from the viewpoint of your personal health. When you have outlined processes and procedures for each aspect of your business and update them as you grow, you take a lot of pressure and stress off yourself leading to a better work/life balance. We'd like to share a few suggestions that might help you in your efforts to improve organization and in so doing prep you for the growth that you would like to see. 


1) Host important files and documents in a central, protected location


Running a health and fitness based business means working with a large amount of files and documents. Finding what you need shouldn't feel like pulling teeth. Also, with the amount of sensitive information that passes through your facility on a daily basis you want to ensure your clients and regulating agencies that information safe, bringing us to our next tip.


2) Base information intake and storage around industry regulations


How you collect health data, and how your store it is outlined in current legislation. Not adhering to code, or having a data leak could be extremely costly and in some cases a deal breaker for your business. Choose software that comes with compliance guarantees. 


(Take a look at this article on HIPAA data compliance: ) 


3) Set recurring dates to review procedure and make adjustments


As you grow, certain processes may not make sense based on size. Don't wait an extraordinarily long amount of time to make any changes based on "how you've always done things." Set regular monthly reminders to review what's working, and what's not.


4) Write "breaks" into your schedule and for your employees, if possible


Plan your sessions and meetings around including breaks during the day. Reduce the likelihood of burnout and continue enjoying what you love to do by scheduling breaks in between sessions/appointments. Give yourself time to adjust and meet your clients with a prepped space and positive energy.


5) Package your methodology


Start packaging your methodology, or your special method. Get in the habit of documenting what you do different, how you address certain client hang-ups and provide clear examples of start to finish progression using your methods. This train of thought helps you communicate better to current clientele when they ask questions, to potential clientele, and to new employees. It will, over time, improve all aspects of your business and brand to help distinguish you from competitors, allow you to generate more revenue from existing clientele, and give you the tools necessary to bring your business in front of more people. 


Although this all may seem like a lot of work, I have great news. Seek Software Facility management can help you with all five of these organization initiatives. We anticipated questions of security and compliance, and worked this into our design. Our scheduling will ensure that you never miss a meeting (with a client or internal or with some much deserved free time) using automated notifications, and prompts. Our exercise and workout templates allow you to quickly begin the process of packaging your methodology in a format that is easy to migrate and share.


Seek software can improve your organization, reduce your stress level, and help your business grow all for a lower price than leading competitors. Schedule a demo to learn more.


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Staying Organized: How to Efficiently Run Your Health & Fitness Business

May 3, 2017

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