Lesser Known Rules of Dieting

April 30, 2017



Small changes=awesome results! The good news is you don't have to completely change your life to get healthier. All it takes is very simple life changes to feel happier, healthier and have more energy! Some simple changes can really help you feel happier, healthier and more energetic! 



Hydrate More
Yes, this means drink more water! It seems like this info is everywhere, but for a good reason!

Everything you hear about drinking water is true. Staying hydrated is an important part of staying healthy, and it’s even more important to remember in the summer. When you drink later your skin will look better, you will be able to focus better, and you will have better energy!



It's OK to Indulge....Sometimes 

When you watch what you eat, that doesn't mean that you have to cut out all snacks. Just be choosy about what you indulge in and how often. Treating yourself occasionally will lead to better results than depriving yourself. If you don't let yourself have foods that make you happy, you are setting yourself up for a huge binge. A lot of people count calories and even if you do, it's OK to treat yourself occasionally - your diet can handle it! 



Go for Whole Foods Most of the Time 


If you can't pronounce it, don't put it inside of your body! Try eating more wholegrain bread instead of white bread, brown rice instead of white rice, whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta, and other unprocessed foods. 


Try Not To Drink Your Calories 
Are you trying to lose weight? Watch what you drink. Soda is full of chemicals and calories. You can quickly drink your daily calorie allowance fast! Cut down on the soda, beer and "fruit" juices. For nights out, try drinking lower calorie drinks.



Jessica Bailey is a fitness instructor as well as an ambassador for Sparkly Soul, Fitfluential, Fit Approach, and Reebok! She somehow manages to fit in time to write for her own blog. Visit her website http://www.sassygirlfitnessnyc.com or you can follow her on Twitter!


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