A Guide to Leg Day

April 29, 2017


So today was all about legs.


We started with some squats. Utilizing a step and a dumbbell. Slightly inclined feet, dumbbell in front. This was another of those evil ones - sounds easy and achievable, but really hurt! So anyway, 3 sets, two with weight, one just bodyweight. Once I got the idea (and stopped trying to cheat a little) they went well, but there was a lot of burn.


Next, into barbell squats, again inclined feet on a step. Now this one – just the bar (I’m a beginner remember) but that is still 20kg. And these were hard, VERY HARD. I struggled in set one, legs screaming. Second set was a defeat. Legs not playing, went into regressed exercise, almost saw me off but I did it.


Into TRX now for some hamstring work, again squats but using the TRX for support. Now these are weird. Only bodyweight, feet supported – what can be so hard? Well firstly stabilizers, legs shaking around like a fool. But managed first set.


Then we teamed them with some inclined dips using the step (slightly higher than previously). Had a really good go at these. Balance is not one of my strong points but I really enjoyed these. Got the tempo, self corrected when needed, and didn’t fall!


To finish off we got to have some fun. I know fun! But as you suspect – not unconditional.


Power pushing is the way forward. So I got to use Stewart as a piece of equipment. Now he looks like a normal sized and weight kinda bloke really. But when he makes himself heavy, he is heavy. So pushing him end to end of room as fast as I can with a wide stride isn’t as easy as I thought it might be.




To round off we did some sprinters starts using the TRX. Right side really strong and balance good. Left side like standing in a funhouse with moving floor. Do you remember the little wooden toys, usually a donkey or zebra, on a little wooden box with elastic and when you push the bottom the limbs just flop around – yep that was me. 


Still joking aside, great session, jelly legs, nice burn, clear head and focussed for the day ahead.


In his own words, Peter Greensmith is "just a normal guy trying to make the journey from an unfit 40 something year old to a reasonably fit and healthy guy. I had a rough few years and let myself go. This is my story of the journey back to fitness, assisted by my personal trainer Stewart http://stewartmilnept.co.uk/ Also blog random thoughts from my life here https://aufoatemydog.wordpress.com/" You can also follow Peter on Twitter!


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