Finding the Right Personal Trainer

May 1, 2017


Once I had decided I wanted a personal trainer, I then had to actually find one. I have had experience of PTs before in different guises, some in gyms that I have joined, others at bootcamps.


Those that I have encountered seem to fit several profiles.

  • Those that do the bare minimum (usually employed at a gym) and walk about and offer a bit of advice after doing plan setting in induction session.

  • Those that think I am a new recruit to the army and screaming and shouting at me, or trying to publicly belittle me is the best way to train me (here is a clue guys, it isn’t and isn’t for most people).

  • Those that understand how to motivate and mutually set goals and encourage me to get results.



Knowing that, I knew I had to make the right decision and find someone who would work with me in a way that I felt comfortable. So I did what I do best, fired up my laptop and started to do some research. I use social media a lot, and found lots of posts locally on Facebook and Twitter about trainers. Google also threw up lots of options for me to investigate.


I took my time and looked at all of the options over a couple of weeks. Most had the same kind of information on their websites, history, costs, testimonials. But as with any business they are not going to post feedback from dissatisfied clients.


At this point I did something else I do well. I dithered. For a few weeks if I am honest. I was having the internal dialogue with myself around cost vs quantity and quality. If I pay more will I get better quality? If I pay less but do more does that balance out?


Looking through Twitter I saw a post from someone I follow who had just been for a session with his trainer. This happened to be someone who was on my shortlist, and the post had a picture, which showed the studio. It looked good and spurred me into action.


Being a bit of a wuss (I HATE speaking to people on the phone if I don’t know them) I fired off an email – outlining what I was looking for, and why I had chosen now.


That kicked off a chain of events, starting with a quick call, then induction then 3 months of determination and hard work. 




Did the gamble pay off?


Well yes. I could tell from our initial phone call that I thought I had found the right guy. We sounded similar in our approach and he took time to explore my goals. In the first meeting this was borne out by action. To date (though I am sure he has been tempted many times) he has never shouted at me, has massively encouraged me and in every session pushes me beyond what I think is the limit of my abilities and proves I always have more to give than I think.


So my advice if you are looking for a PT?


Take your time, know what kind of motivation works for you, look for recommendation, and listen to your feelings, if it doesn’t feel right then you probably won’t achieve.


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In his own words, Peter Greensmith is "just a normal guy trying to make the journey from an unfit 40 something year old to a reasonably fit and healthy guy. I had a rough few years and let myself go. This is my story of the journey back to fitness, assisted by my personal trainer Stewart Also blog random thoughts from my life here" You can also follow Peter on Twitter!

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