Fact vs Fiction: Getting Six Pack Abs

March 17, 2017


Everyone wants a flat and toned tummy. It seems like that is the part of the body people are obsessed with. Doing a workout once a week is not going to cut it. Abs are made in the kitchen and sculpted in your workout. That is the truth. Because of this, it is no wonder why a bloated belly has become a common problem. It seems like there are hundred of websites and gadgets that will teach you how to get a six pack but there are A LOT of myths too. I want to help you. Here is a little cheat sheet for you: 


It's true crunches do help get the abdominal muscles engaged but crunches shouldn't be your only ab routine. To get a six pack you need to get rid of the underlying belly fat first. Start first by taking a good look at your diet. A healthy diet is key. Next take a look at your workout. You should be doing full body movements, think renegade rows, dumbell rows, forearm plank, wood chops, hanging leg raises, etc. The moral of the story: developing six pack abs involves more than doing endless crunches, it is actually a combination of proper diet and exercise.


This one is so silly that it has to be addressed. Genes have absolutely nothing to do with developing six pack abs – anybody can do it. "But Jessica, I have such a hard time with this. I've been trying for years!" Have you honestly been watching your diet, changing your lifestyle, workouts, etc? I understand some people have a harder time than others developing six pack abs because of their muscle and bone density or the natural way that their body is built – but there is always a way for you to get six pack abs if you are willing to work hard for it.



This is just another crazy lie that holds no truth. You can work your abs with nothing but your body weight! An example would be a plank. Purchasing expensive abs exercise equipment is more of a marketing ploy, and a luxury rather than a necessity. I can't tell you how many people I know that have special "ab equipment" taking up floor space and collecting dust in their home.


Your abs are just like the other muscle groups in the body and they need rest too! How can you expect them to grow and develop if you never give them a break? I recommend targeting the abs about two to three times a week to get the best results. 

    • You cannot get six pack abs without the help of a specific abs exercise equipment

    • Doing endless repetitions of crunches is the only solution for getting six pack abs


    You can’t get six pack abs because of your genes

    • You need to work on your abs every day in order to see results


These are just the 4 common things I hear people saying. I know there are tons of myths out there and this is only a small fraction of the myths surrounding the 6 pack ab. Know that I'm here to help clear things up for you. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


Jessica Bailey is a fitness instructor as well as an ambassador for Sparkly Soul, Fitfluential, Fit Approach, and Reebok! She somehow manages to fit in time to write for her own blog. Visit her website http://www.sassygirlfitnessnyc.com or you can follow her on Twitter!

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