Burn 100 Extra Calories!

April 27, 2017


It is fall and the busiest time of the year is approaching. You might be getting a little concerned about your fitness calendar. Candy and calorie filled cocktails are all around and the cold, dark weather makes exercise much less exciting. The good news is, small things can make a big difference. Burning just 100 extra calories each day adds up to 700 calories a week! This has inspired me to blog about 4 ways you can burn 100 calories. Read on for my ideas:




If you own a bike take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and bike to work or just bike to meet your friends for brunch. If you do not own a bike then try cycling on the exercise bikes at the gym or sign up for a spin class. 


Here are some reasons to cycle: Light cycling (between 10 miles per hour (mph) and 12mph) can burn 100 calories in 15 minutes while more intense cycling (between 14 mph and 16mph) can burn the same amount of calories in 10 minutes. If you are super fit then cycling at over 20mph for just 6 minutes can burn 100 calories.


Lift Weights


No, you won't get "bulky" if you weight train. You will get lean in life and I'm all about that. Weight lifting is actually quite a good calorie burner. Weight lifting could actually prevent you from piling on the extra pounds. Just 30 minutes of moderate weight lifting burns 100 calories. It gets even better if you have an intense workout with 15 minutes of vigorous weight lifting burning 100 calories. 




Jogging is an excellent exercise all year round. Jogging can help you reduce your blood pressure, prevent cancer and help you sleep. It is also a great way to burn calories, with 13 minutes of jogging burning 100 calories. 


Need to "spice" up jogging because you find it dull? Try adding some excitement by mixing up the pace (sprint for 1 minute then jog for 5 minutes), adding some resistance (jog with a heavy backpack or weighted vest) or even turning your jog into a circuit training session (jog for 5 minutes, stop and do 1 minute of push ups, jog for 5 minutes, stop and do 1 minute of crunches and so on).


Ice Skate


You can channel your inner Nancy Kerrigan in the winter. Because ice skating is popular, a lot of places have an ice rink where you can practice your "moves." Ice skating for 17 minutes at 9mph or less burns off 100 calories!


These 4 ways of burning 100 calories are pretty straight forward and very attainable.


Jessica Bailey is a fitness instructor as well as an ambassador for Sparkly Soul, Fitfluential, Fit Approach, and Reebok! She somehow manages to fit in time to write for her own blog. Visit her website http://www.sassygirlfitnessnyc.com or you can follow her on Twitter!

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