A Word From Austin Knop - CPO

June 17, 2016



When I was starting my first graphic design classes in college, my professor asked everyone in the class to write down why they were in the program. I wrote, “I want to learn everything I can about art.” He laughed at me, and told me Art and Design are completely different. Needless to say I was not his favorite student. Now after graduating and having the opportunity to work amongst other creatives. I now laugh when I think back to that day and wonder how can it not be?


Art evokes an atmosphere, feeling, a state of being that can be shared or individualized. It is also always going to keep evolving. As paint is pushed by painters across an empty canvas, pixels are pushed by designers on an empty document. Do you think that the Old Masters imagined a world where kids would first touch a digital tablet or phone before a crayon or pencil? No. Art is reflective, as we grow with technology Art does too.


Seek is not for the millennials, the baby boomers, generation blahhblahh, it is for everyone! When Jordan initially approached me with this idea early last year in February (2015), it seemed crazy! He brought a standard composition notebook with some real, real, real rough layouts, and was bleeding passion everywhere. It was tough seeing those layouts, and I like crazy so I thought I would help him on this adventure. It has evolved into so much since then, there is a great sense of passionate positivity throughout our tribe. We are a start up company, but it is more of a creative collective. Comprised of a couple jedi-like artists, some wizard-like builders, and visionaries. We are artists who strive to make people’s health simple and easy to manage. We have no intention of becoming just a program, but a natural extension of one’s self. 



 Austin Knop 

Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer 
Seek Software Inc.

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