A Sit Down with Price Fitness

March 17, 2017

Price Fitness was built by Michael and Natalie Price




Michael Price has been a bodybuilder for over 15 years. He found his passion for lifting at 16 years old. In Michael’s early 20’s he began competing in different competitions such as Muscle Mania. During that time he received a Kinesiology degree from McMaster University.


Natalie Price began her career in weightlifting in her mid 20’s. Her desire to become a bodybuilder came from the love of sports and weight training.


Natalie loves the feeling of being stronger, being capable of more endurance, and the results shown by eating healthy. She utilized digital resources to help guide her path throughout her early bodybuilding career. She gained a lot knowledge from BodyBuilding.com and other online resources.


Q: Hey Natalie & Michael, Thanks for taking my call today. I have a few questions from our readers. Throughout your career in fitness what would you say was the time when you had seen the most success?


Michael Price: For the last year I’ve been able to reach and help a lot of people. We’ve been able to have this expanded reach through our marketing efforts. We take the time and provide free diet plans to get people going.


Natalie Price: More people than we expected have been inspired by our story and how we have been able to reach one another based upon the mutual inspiration. Not just through fitness, but as we are able to inspire to another person, we want to be able to continue that momentum and be able to give back to even more people who are looking to grow their own fitness goals.


Michael Price: You are only relevant to those who make you relevant. We believe in paying it forward and helping anyone reach their goals in which way that they want


Q: Throughout your fitness career what experience would you share?

Michael Price: I had become known for my conditioning and aesthetics, but realizing my own mortality, I felt as though I had become accustomed to inspiring people. I started to realize that I can’t keep this up forever, so I have to maintain a balance between having a physique and a healthy diet, putting aside the self ego, being hard on myself and expecting to look a certain way. I also have been vigilant lately, always looking to do the right thing for myself.

Some days I look a certain way, but don’t feel the same way all the time.


Q: For any individual who wants to get involved what kind of advice would you give someone trying to get into competitive fitness?


Michael Price: Leave the EGO at the door. Do it for yourself.

At the end of the day we are our biggest critic, even though we are competing against other people. Remember to take the criticism and and give it your all. No one wins every single show.


Michael Price: Make sure that you are mentally ready for a competition as this is a subjective sport and you are literally being judged by another human being. At the end of the day there is only person who can get that first place trophy so don’t be devastated if you don’t start out winning right away.


Q: What kind of diet should a participant follow when they prepare for a competition?


Michael Price: Most diets last from 12-16 weeks. Proper dieting is a gradual process. Start by cutting down carbs, sugars, and some fats. Always keep your protein high. DO NOT TRY TO ACHIEVE RESULTS TOO QUICKLY. You should cut 1-1.5 lb / week.

There is no Golden Rule as health is based on what works for an individual.


Q: As a close out for our readers, can you give us some wisdom based on your experience?


Michael & Natalie Price:

Realize your goals and be honest with people about their goals, help them realize that their goals have to be realistic, not based upon what you see in the media or around you.

If you are interested in getting any advice or to create your own individual meal plan. Send an email over to price.fitness@outlook.com


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/price.fitness/


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