4 Ways to Maximize your Client Scheduling

May 4, 2017


Fitness business owners and personal trainers have a unique dilemma unlike people in other professions. Because a lot of their work has to deal with helping people reach their individual health goals, they are often limited by space and time. They are limited by space because a physical location can only hold so many people for them to train at a time. They are limited by time because one can only train so many people at once. Because of that, there is a constant dilemma for fitness professionals to schedule as many clients as they can without running out of space or time. How does one get the most out of both? Seek has 5 ways for you to get started:




Schedule Clients Around Work Schedules


This technique works best for fitness professionals who attract a consistent clientele and can afford to have gaps in their day for preparation, cleaning up, etc. Typically, the average human who has a job works in one of three shifts - the day shift (9-5), the afternoon shift (noon-8) and the evening shift (9 pm-hours we don’t even want to think about). As a fitness professional, it is best to pick 2 out of the 3 and leave one shift for cleaning up, rest, or eating. For example, most CrossFit gyms are aware that their typical clients are working professionals. Because of this, many don’t even open their doors until 5 pm. This strategy allows them to ensure that every session is jam packed. On the other hand, if you have a very popular yoga studio, because yoga attracts a diverse clientele, many yoga studios (especially Bikram yoga studios), have morning, afternoon, and evening sets of classes, with usually an hour in between each set of classes to clean the area, wash their towels and mats, etc.


Utilize High Schools/Colleges

This technique is best for fitness professionals who specialize in athletic performance. Because their sessions are often drill and dynamic movement based, they need a lot more space. They also have the ability to train a larger amount of people. The best way to schedule clients using this method is to utilize workout groups (allows you to bring in large classes and organize them by sport/discipline). Since each sport/activity has movements that are unique, yet common to the respective sport/activity, clients need one on one attention at the beginning, but after a few weeks, you can run a large class that almost operates autonomously.


However, that requires a lot of space. The only places that have that type of space without a sky high cost, happen to be high schools and colleges. We must give one caveat though—before you just start using these places to train people, you MUST talk to school administrators. If these schools give you permission, you have a triple benefit—it’s cheaper to use their space than rent out a large facility, you can fit a lot of people into your group sessions, and because students will be around, your sessions almost act as free marketing for your services!


Set Up Stations

This is a popular technique used by 24 Hour Fitness, Curves, and other chain gyms. The concept with this technique is because often times, you have a limited number of trainers for an extremely large, and not as athletic client base, you want to stagger their workouts so you can give maximum attention. The best way to do this is to arrange your stations so that 20% of the stations are on the more technical side, 30% are more moderate regarding difficulty, and 50% are easy. 




This way, half the time, your clients can work autonomously and you can focus on the 20-30% of your clients that will need assistance. In this way, everyone feels like they are getting attention and you don’t feel like you’re getting stretched too thin.


Go Digital

Because of the internet and the fact that the general population has a good sense of what they need to do to be healthy and physically fit, digitally training clients often times represents the best of all worlds. If you upload workout plans and sell them digitally, your clients will be able to execute them on their own schedule.


Because they are not utilizing your space or your business’ resources, you can also charge them much less (higher profit margin for you, lower prices for customers; win-win). What’s more, because of the advent of fitness wearables and self-health becoming less difficult, as a fitness professional, you will be able to have greater insight into a client’s progress and what you need to modify to help them reach their goals. And the greatest benefit of all is that there are literally no limits if you are training people digitally! Not only can you can sell as many plans as you want, but for people who need more in-person help, they can still use your facilities and they’re usually more willing to pay extra for the one-on-one attention. In fact, Seek’s platform allows you to take your fitness business digital and reap all the above benefits. 





As you can see, there are many ways to maximize the benefit you and your clients get from efficient scheduling, but finding what’s best for you will take some trial and error. The great news is that even with trial and error, all of these techniques are still winning techniques and will stand to benefit you in the long run.


Are you a gym or any other fitness business owner trying to take your business to the next level? If so, Seek can help you do that without breaking the bank. To learn more, please visit Seek’s website and if you’re interested, please fill out a form to speak with one of our sales representatives!

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