3 Tips to Motivate your Clients into a Healthy Routine

June 1, 2017



One of the most difficult aspects of personal training is client motivation. While anyone can master each exercise, movement by movement, it can be argued that finding what it takes to get and keep people moving is a special talent that only the best possess. This is true to some extent, and although some trainers find it easier than others to truly move their clients into healthy routine, we’ve identified, in this sentence, a major reason why.


Successful trainers understand that discipline is key, and routine provides the nurturing environment it needs to survive. Let’s take a look at a few solid ways to build routine. (Routine in this specific application does not solely mean workout routine, but routines regarding nutrition/healthy eating, workout recovery, and more.)


  1. Punctuality: Being on time is #1 on our list because routines both thrive and die on timeliness. When you make it a top priority to be on time and prepared, you motivate your clients to do the same. Punctuality is a sign that someone takes their time seriously and in order to establish any semblance of a routine, you have to master being on time.

  2. Organization: Making sure that everything you need to accomplish scheduled tasks is on hand greatly increases your likelihood of a successful routine. For example, if your routine was leaving for work at a specific time, preparing your clothes and lunch the night before would always help you with this. Lets paint a scenario. You have a new client scheduled for their first session with your newest employee in 10 minutes, and you’ve misplaced their intake form. You remember them mentioning a few specifics around past injuries, and you pitched them on safe exercise “regressions” to close the deal. The problem is, you don’t remember them and you’ve got to leave for a meeting. With trainers, because they work hands on with so many populations, choosing to wing it with a new client after losing their intake form could spell disaster. Knowing where key files and data are housed can put out many fires before they even start.

  3. Empathy: Empathy allows you to “reach your clientele where they’re at”. Each and every person you work with has a completely different story. Taking the time to learn about their successes and failures, and what challenges them most is key to developing routines that produce results. For example, if I know that a client of mines really enjoys tennis, I’ll add exercises that mimic the motion of the sport, or even go so far as to allow him to include his racquet in the session to make sure he’s not only engaged but having fun. It’s imperative that you establish strong lines of communication as well as use your listening skills.


Luckily the perfect toolkit exists to help with all three of these areas. Seek Software Facility Management combines functionality, affordability and usability in one package. Stay on top of all your appointments/dates with advanced scheduling features and notifications. Keep your files in one central and protected location for easy access and sharing, and reach existing and new clientele more effectively.


Seek Software has built in messaging to make sure that no correspondence goes missing. Also, we built a free online community for professionals like yourself to connect with clients in new ways. Invite your existing clientele to Seek Community where you can host, share and sell workout plans, nutrition plans and more. Create a supportive space within seek community for your clients to connect with yourself and others. Learn what gets people moving and design around that.

Check us out at Seekhealth.co for more about Seek Facility Management. If you would like to learn how Seek can improve your business specifically, give us a call to setup a demo and consultation.

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