Seek Starts

What is Seek Starts?

At Seek, our mission is to enhance global wellness for everyone. We see ourselves as the health and fitness hub for health professionals and health consumers. Far too often, health companies focus on the health consumer, which makes sense. But health professionals are the ones who help all of us get healthier. Who’s helping them? Seek Starts is our solution to building a strong health community, starting with personal trainers and nutritionists.  


Certification is Key

Statistically, certified trainers and nutritionists earn at least double what non certified health professionals earn. As a health professional, being certified establishes a baseline level of trust with your clients. After all, people don’t want to entrust someone with helping achieve their health goals if they can’t validate how knowledgeable their trainer/nutritionist is.


How Does Seek Help?

We want to help you get started. Here’s how…

  • We’ll give you $100 to go towards either books or an actual certification

  • We’ll help you build your Seek profile

  • We’ll market your profile, any written content you have, and your workouts through our marketing channels for free

  • We’ll give you $.25 for every client who signs up and buys a health plan from you and $.50 for any trainer or nutritionist who signs up and sells a health plan

What do we ask of you?
  • Upon certification, for you to sell at least 5 plans valued at $20 minimum - in other words, use your certification(s) to make money!

  • Provide receipt of the book(s) or certification(s) that you purchased with the $100

  • ...that’s it!


If you’re interested in joining the Seek Starts program, fill out the form below and someone from our team will reach out to you shortly!