What is Seek for Business?

Seek for Business allows owners and operators of gyms, nutrition clinics, yoga studios, and more to do all the activities necessary to keep their business running and growing. Our all in one tool allows you to save time programming and planning, stay organized with our flexible calendar, reduce operational costs by automating your business tasks, grow your brand through our free marketplace, and make sense of the data you collect to take your health business to the next level.
Save Time

Don’t spend countless hours on paperwork. Seek for Business reduces time spent on paperwork by at least 15%. More time to spend with clients and grow your business.

Never Miss an Appointment

Programming, spending time with your clients, and trying to grow your business keeps you busy. Seek for Business’ calendar ensures that you’ll keep all of your appointments organized in one area, syncing your appointments to your favorite personal calendar.  

Reduce Operational Costs

Seek for Business automates tasks like reporting, expense tracking, billing, and more to free up your time to focus on what really matters - getting people healthier and growing your business. No MBA or operations team needed.

Grow Your Brand

Purchasing Seek for Business gives you a free profile on our Seek Health marketplace where you can sell the programs you create on your Seek for Business account to a global audience. Gain a local advantage as well by showcasing your operating hours, location, and services. All for free after purchasing Seek for Business.

Business Insights at Your Fingertips

Your business collects a lot of data, but most times, you don’t know how to make sense of it. Seek for business collects health and business data and presents insights in a visual, easy to understand way so you can make more informed decisions to improve the health of your business

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