Our Privacy Promise

Your Health Data, Not Ours

We believe that your personal health information belongs to you - nobody else. On Seek, we designed our platform so we can never see your personal health information, even if we wanted to. You decide what you want to do with your data and who you want to see it. After all, shouldn't you be in control of your own health information?

Outcomes Before Ads

Seek is trying to improve health for everyone in the world, not sell the most ads. While we will support advertisements on our website from time to time, we will never use your personal information to help us sell ads. All of our ads will be chosen based on how they help improve our users’ health outcomes.

Seeking Health Safely

At Seek, privacy equals safety. If you ever feel like your private information has been compromised or that your information is being used in a way you are not comfortable with, let us know. Additionally, if you feel like a trainer, nutritionist, or other health professional is suggesting a technique or plan that you feel is unsafe, report them. We take any issues of privacy or safety extremely seriously and we will reconcile any issues swiftly.