Facility Management

for Gyms and Health Clubs

Keep track of your members, inventory and workflows—all in one place
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Seek’s Facility Management Platform Features

You’re a health and fitness professional. Not a paper pusher. Seek takes all of your paperwork and makes it digital for easier organization, hassle free workflows, and greater data security. Role based access ensures that the right people have access to specific portions of the business - nobody else.

Increased Revenue

With our platform, you aren’t just getting a management tool - you’re getting access to a community of potential customers. Every Seek Facility Management license comes with a free listing on Seek Community where you can sell memberships, workout plans, and more over a growing digital marketplace filled with people seeking improved health.

Client Tracking

Help and keep track of your clients’ progress wherever they are. Seek Facility Management can be run on site and remotely from any computer or mobile device, allowing you to track the progress of your clients or athletes by week, month, year, or even by the hour. Two way privacy allows your clients to control who sees what and ensures that their private information does not end up with anyone who is unauthorized, while giving you, the professional, access to their information in order to help them.

Custom Workflows

Not every fitness business is the same. Not every sports team is the same. With Seek’s platform, organize your business or team the way YOU want to. Pay for the features you want instead of a “one size fits all” solution.

Client Connectivity

Seek Facility Management plays well with others. We have an open API that can sync with almost every fitness device like Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, etc. - allowing you or your clients to track their progress during or after their workout. Or if you’ve grown comfortable using other tools to run certain parts of your business, no worries. We connect with most business management software tools like Quickbooks, Salesforce, and more!

Team Management

Improving the performance of your team is a never ending journey. Even coaches need teammates themselves. Keep track of the athletic performance of individual athletes or the entire team, schedule practice or training sessions, manage team operations/finances, and much more. Compatible with all the athlete management systems you currently use with affordable and flexible pricing based on team type, size, and need.


With all the time spent making your members healthier, creating programs, and taking care of your facility, making time to promote your business can be difficult. Seek’s team of SEO, website, and marketing experts can provide our expertise to help take your business to the next level. And with any Seek Facility Management license purchase, you get free access to Seek Community as well as free promo on on Seek’s platform.

Our Full List of Features


  • Instant messaging and inbox functionality

  • Notifications

  • Recurring events on the calendar

  • Nike Fuel wearable integration

  • Check In/POS



  • Revenue/Expense Management

  • Scheduling Management

  • Online Store without Fulfillment

  • Secure Payment Processing

  • Point of Sale System

  • Online Transaction and In Person Transaction Processing

  • Connection with UPS, USPS, and FedEx account

  • Package Tracking

  • Dispute Management and Support

  • Flexible Exercise Progression Tracking 

  • Workout Database (create workouts and save them in your account for easier reference and program creation)

  • Program Creation Templates

  • Tracking by individual, position group, and team

  • Compatibility and connectivity with most fitness and athletic wearables

  • Revenue/Expense Management

  • Balance Sheet

  • Billing

  • Financial Analytics

  • Inventory Management

  • Inventory Analytics

  • Secure Payment Processing

  • Reporting/File Export

*Available features will depend on your package

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